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ENJOY SL Event  wants to offer your designers freedom to create and innovate.


With an free themed, "ENJOY SL" offers its designers freedom to create and innovate. We want to offer to our public  the possibility of finding in the same place your most loved designers, and new talented designers of the most varied types, styles and themes (like fantasy, bdsm, steampunk, kawaii style, furry, fetish, urban style, and whatever else your imagination allows, of course without leaving the standard of your brand)

If you are a creative and innovative designer, who seeks to reach diverse and different public than usual, you are very welcome to ENJOY SL!


All exclusive items should be 100% original mesh.

Bloggers | Vloggers

Our bloggers/vloggers/media partners bring us closer to a large audience that is diverse and full of possibilities. As we want ENJOY SL to be a comprehensive event, we select partners that take us and connect us to different universes, cultures and spaces.

For more information contact Elise Mersereau, ENJOY's Blogger Manager (in-world).

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